How many separate sit requests should I include when I post my needs for a sitter?

I will be looking for a sitter for the last two weeks of June, and also for a sitter for the last two weeks of July through the end of the first week in September. (A total of seven weeks.)

Should I put out my request for a sit with both sets of dates, or should I send out two separate sit requests?

Hi @MagicalFarm, it’s fine to advertise both sets of dates at the same time. Remember that applications will be paused automatically after 5 have been received to enable you to read through and communicate with your applicants, decline any not suitable (include a personal message to them) and hopefully make a decision. If none suitable you need to manually unpause your listing to attract more applicants. If this happens to both your sets of dates, you might feel overwhelmed. Sitters do like owners who are prompt with their communication. All the best.

Hi @MagicalFarm. Many of our sitters, especially those who are “location independent” or sit full time, love to plan many months out. So listing all your dates now is a good thing.

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If you advertise both sets of dates at the same time, you might even be lucky to find the same sitter for both dates, if you want to! Sometimes it’s easier for the pets to have the same sitter.


@MagicalFarm We are already looking for sits in May and July (but not in your area, unfortunately), so post your dates. There are many sitters who, like us, plan many months ahead.