How to attract more applicants?

Hello @ArcticLights it is great to see you back posting in the forum community.

Are you happy to add your THS home listing link to your forum profile so that way other community members can see it and give you helpful feedback and tips?

Here is how:

Alaska is on our bucket list and sadly we are not free for those dates! I had a look at your listing on the website and my feedback would be to have more photos of the areas that the sitter will be using, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It helps sitters to visualise being there and know what the space they will be staying in will look and function like.

Have you considered the sitters having use of your car? If sitters fly to the area and as it is quite a remote location, then sometimes having the use of a car included for food shopping etc can be very attractive.

These are just a couple of suggestions and if you add your link I am sure that other community members will have some other helpful tips.

If you need help adding your link just let me know. Plus who can resist two Goldies!! :dog:

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