How to get good pictures of cats?

I’ve seen so many great pictures of cats in this forum, but I struggle with cat pics. Cats make eye contact just long enough to register that a camera is pointed at them, then quickly look or move away.

How do you do it? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.


Dangle something appealing above the camera. Takes some dexterity and/or a helper.


I use my iPhone and make sure it is “live setting” and take the shot

Then I click edit and this option to select and save the right frame.

You can also adjust the lighting for clarity

Much better than trying to get a cat to pose :cat2:


@Amparo I do exactly the same thing. I must admit it still takes a few photos at times. Also when they’re in a middle of a yawn, some of the frames can look quite scary. :scream_cat: At my most recent sit, Teddy was snooping in my bag after grocery shopping. I was right there with him, and soon moved the strap away for safety. He’s yawning and looks quite vicious (or that I’m strangling him), but he’s actually a sweetie. :kissing_cat:


i take lots of cat photos at the shelter or to promote my foster cats.

  • Natural light is best, but not with them in front of the light. That is difficult to achieve, however, since cats like windowsills!
  • As @Katie suggested, dangle something to get them to look up or towards you.
  • Use portrait mode on the phone, to blur the background.
  • get down to their level.
  • For black cats, I often toy with the filters on my phone, especially increasing the exposure.
  • I always crop the photo to eliminate anything that is distracting.

Yes it can be hard to hold their attention, especially if they want to watch tv.


Making an unusual noise usually attracts their attention, and a contrasting background colour helps to improve the pic, especially for black cats.


@Londongal this little kitty was also intrigued by the tv :rofl:


@Karen-Moderator, great question, and very challenging to get what we want on the first click, LOL. I find that if I walk up smoothly to them with my iPhone camera in hand, already clicking as I walk up to them, preferably without too much jerky motion, I can capture something worthwhile, haha. Naturally, many photo deletions are a part of the process, LOL.

For some odd reason, they love to crash right in front of my computer screen or laptop while I’m working, which opens up many opportunities for close-ups! HA!

These weren’t really edited much, but found them on my Facebook feed :slight_smile:



I LOVE these photos! Such cute kitties! :cat: Thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, @Julie-Moderator - I believe my RBF rivals my cats’ RBFs! LOL!

At first glance I thought that was one photo and you had a brother. :smile_cat:

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Great eye contact, even upside down.


Patience, let them come to you, introduce them to the camera so it doesn´t freak the out, get to their level, focus on the eye, (if you don´t have three arms) use a table tripod with a remote shutter release (or timer), shoot tight. (I personally like to be right in their face)


Thanks @Londongal - what would happen if we captured human selfies with that angle all the time? No double-chins ever? :joy:

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Haha! They’re my doppelgängers :joy:

Both were captured several years apart, and both were captured at least 10-15 years ago :wink:

My Jenny loves to saunter into my popup infrared sauna located in my office while I’m in here for my morning sauna session.

Got my iPhone camera set up on Portrait mode, called her name and snapped a couple of her looking up.

Because I’m on a high stool, she’s waiting for pats/rubs with my foot :rofl:


Some more great advice on taking great cat pics although the one thing I couldn’t search was LUCK … as really for most of us that is the most important factor in getting that amazing picture because as we know cats don’t cooperate and if they could they simply wouldn’t





and last but not least


Love the last one! Woke up last night thinking one of these was in the bedroom!
Gypsy, the bengal was making these deep gutteral growls. Thoroughly confused and yes a bit frightened as did not know exactly what it was and if it was directed at me. Turned on the side lamp and the growl turned to hiss and then loud deeper howling. She was on the window ledge looking like she was ready to attack and then something much larger than she and I imagine it was a huge cat, bobcat?? jumped at the window at her!
Never a dull moment :laughing:
sorry no pics


Yikes! It’s a good thing the window was closed! :scream_cat: