How to help a living pet when their companion pet recently passed away?

We recently lost our 8 year old Mini-Aussie and our other dog, also a Mini-Aussie and 4 years old keeps look for his friend all day, waiting by door, roaming house etc. Any advice to help our dog get over this loss? Our hearts break watching him look for his friend. :frowning:


Hello @Henderson we are so sorry for the loss of your family member , please accept our sincere condolences and we understand what you are all going through.

It is as you say, heartbreaking all we want to do is take away our pet’s feelings of loss and pain.

Sadly our furry family members cannot express their grief in the way that human family members can, as you know only too well living with your beloved pet who is going through loss of their constant companion. There is no magic solution but what we can do is recognize the signs and help them cope through the loss …

I have sourced some advice from our partners at the Blue Cross in England, a charity which supports many aspects of pet loss helping both humans and animals alike.

I hope this will help and please feel free to reach out … I will Direct Message you with additional information.

Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time.

Angela and the Forum Team


Dale cariño o que otro compañero
Give him love or that other partner

I’m so sorry for your loss @Henderson :frowning: sending lots of virtual hugs your way.

Here is another article that might help.

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As with all grief your pet has to be allowed to go through the process. You being there with love and providing a calm environment will be helping enormously.

We are about to go to a sit for a 19 year old cat. Last year his brother sadly passed away. The home host explained to us that the cat showed much the same symptoms of grief as your dog is doing. It took a long time but eventually he seemed to realise that his brother was not coming home again and began to settle. Time is the best healer of all :heart:


As a long time rabbit owner, I’ve always shown the surviving rabbit the body of his/her friend (including bringing the body back from the vets where necessary). I read this was the right thing to do; no idea if it’s true!

For any kind of animal, some cope better than others with being alone. I’d start by spending extra time with the surviving one, and taking it from there. You must be feeling the loss too.

We did this (twice) when we had to have dogs euthanized. The “survivor” seemed to understand and never searched for the missing companion.

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We did a sit last year where the owners dog passed away a few days before the sit. Their cat was best friends with the dog so we were conscious to give her even more love, attention and cuddles whilst we were there as she must have been very sad and confused.

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I’m so sorry for your loss, and your dog’s loss too. I hope the postings here offer much useful guidance. :heart:

Thank you all so very much. You are all amazing people! I am so touched with your helpfulness and condolences; this warms my heart and makes me feel so much better.


Hi @Henderson thank you so very much for coming back and sharing … how is you beloved 4 year old Aussie doing, better we hope …