Pet Loss - A subject we should talk about

Working as I do in pet bereavement support there are words I hear so often, “I didn’t think it would hurt this much” “No one understands” the following article share will resonate with many of our community as every pet family and pet lover will inevitably experience the pain and heartbreak of losing a pet but there is help and support available, no one needs to go through the grief on their own.

Jill S. Cohen, a family grief counselor, explains how the relationship between an animal and a human can be more fulfilling than a human and a human:

“There is an unconditional love that a pet provides, where often a human relationship does not necessarily provide that. Also, a pet is reliable and has provided the security and stability through the owner’s life which often transcends other relationships. Children may leave home, a spouse may leave or be absent for a period of time. Parents may die. Friendships may drift. But the pet is always there — a source of comfort, a source of continuity in life, of constant companionship, a way for the owner to show love to a living being. A pet also provides a sense of routine for its owner. This may give the owner some consistency in life — feeding, walking, caring for the dog, tending to the pet’s needs. The bond between a human and a pet can sometimes be like none other.”

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Helpline Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service | Pet Loss

Other UK support services and country specific organizations can be found on line.

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Thank you Angela. :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you Angela, speaking as someone who has been through more pet bereavements in my life than l care to count, from Guinea pigs and ferrets up to shire horses and everything in between, it never gets any easier but I would never be without pets, I have so many years of love and joy from them that it makes the sadness when they go more bearable.


No truer words spoken!

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Every time we say goodbye to a cat it is indeed very hard. But we go through it again because the 15-20 years we have with them are filled with affection and wonderful moments. :heart: