How to link to profile?

Buoyed by assurances here that it is OK to “not apply” for a sit by using the “apply for sit” process in order to introduce ourselves for future occasions, I have done just that for a great looking sit.
However; I didn’t have time to work out how to add a link to our profile. The attempt I made resulted in;

which looks OK for me but that is probably only because it links within my account. I can edit & preview my profile but others can’t. So, what is the correct format?

Don’t you think your profile is automatically shown to the owner when you apply ??
Did i misunderstand you ? Or do you have 2 profiles ? one listing as an owner, a profile as a sitter and you want to show both ??

I’ll simplify the question
If I want to send someone a link to my profile, how do I do that?

You go to your profile, choose preview and the link will be indicated on the top of your computer, easy to copy. When Shannon sent it to me yesterday, I tried to find out how she had made it !!

Nope. That’s what I did. Didn’t work.
@Ben as tech-man, can you answer this for me please?

well i just looked at your presentation, and found you “laura”, it seems to be the link to THS you already copied on the forum !

OK, it seems that there are (at least) 2 ways to preview one’s profile. If you are in the dashboard, the “preview” written over the profile photo will work as you suggest @Provence. However, I was in the main profile editing page and chose to preview from there, which doesn’t produce the same link. The text is different. “‘ will work but ““ will not, which is why I asked the question this morning, when it didn’t work.

it depends if you just see the profile, or if you want to preview it , in order to change eventually something, then the link appears
when you are an owner,as well, you may see your profile of sitter on the list of sitters if you type the name of the town and the country, then you get the link all owners may see

Hi Saltrams, it seems you’ve already deduced this, but we’ve found the same thing. When editing your profile and clicking “Preview”, it shows a profile that is simply that, a preview. The URL there cannot be given to someone else to view your profile. On a side note, the profile area was just recently redone, so functionality here is new.

However, if you instead click “preview” on your profile from the dashboard page, it will actually show you your live and public profile. An easy way to test a URL to see if it will work for someone else is to view the URL in ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ browsing.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I was going to post a new topic for this, but seems to tie in with this.

Would it be possible to have shortened urls for our profiles? Similar to how Facebook lets you choose your own link.

I.e instead of having a link such as which lets face it nobody can remember… could there be a setting that lets us pick a URL for our profile e.g that we could send to people even if it just redirects to the other URL?

If not, perhaps to solve the original issue in this post, just a box on the dashboard to copy the link to the profile.


It used to be possible to do that yourself, as I recall. Try “TinyURL” & if that doesn’t exist any more then…Google is your friend :joy:

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Oh I totally know that! We’ve made one for ourself on our own website, but just thought for the general community it would be useful! is another for people who are curious!

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Oh I see :woman_facepalming:t3:. I didn’t read your post that way & thought you were asking rather than making the suggestion for all.
Another classic example of the way my brain doesn’t work the same way as normal folk; what can I say :woman_shrugging:t3:?

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