How to copy and share my Profile link?

hello everyone. I have a silly question, which I’m sure I have seen the answer for (but can now not find it!). How do I copy my profile link to send to potential-homeowners (or paste in my new account)?

If I copy the link from My Profile / Profile preview, and paste it in another browser, it just opens the generic THS front page.

Where do I find my personal link that just opens for anyone (or, is it only other THS members that can see it?)

For example, if you click here, what do you see?
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Many thanks!

The link you posted doesn’t work, comes up with an error message.

See here for how to add a link: Please add a profile link to your forum profile

You can also use the search function (spyglass icon) within the forum for anything else. I often use it and find out answers to my questions fairly quickly. Hope that helps!

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Great, thank you Mits. I see that these instructions seem to miss one key piece of information - that the ‘Preview’ is over your picture at the bottom (and not the same as ‘preview your profile’ in Your Profile).

Could someone just verify that it works now, please? MANY THANKS!

Edited to remove profile link as per posting terms - please see link you forum profile :slight_smile:

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I can see your profile, all good :+1: 79 reviews, impressive!

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Thanks Ziggy! (I couldn’t help but sing your name in my best Bowie voice!)

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Hahahaha @Rhe, my first dog was named Marley and last was Ziggy, Bob Marley’s son. The great Bob Marley! Bowie certainly did it all well. :grin: