How to prepare your home, family & sitter for a Great Dane

This is so funny and also very true … having been a GD Rescuer


  1. Lift a 200 lb bag of wet sand up and down the stairs
  2. Push a 200 lb bag of wet sand into your car
  3. Smear hair gel all over your walls and throw it on the ceiling and TV, while you’re at it, smear the lower half of all windows, curtains and glass
  4. Rub fur and gel into the roof of your vehicle
  5. At least twice daily, drop that 200 lb bag of wet sand on your bare foot
  6. Shake balls of fur, mulch, and a bucket of dirt all over your house daily (add water for rainy days)
  7. Practice repeating “Great Dane”, about 160 pounds…4-6 cups a day…"no, I don’t have a saddle” over and over with a smile
    8 ) Volunteer at the zoo to help wash the large animals and clean up their deposits
  8. Invite your friends over and have them all try to get in the bathroom while you are using it
  9. Practice telling people that your husband/ boyfriend does NOT beat you, that those bruises are from your dog!
  10. Take a nice long piece of rubber hose and go around smacking all the coffee mugs off the end-tables and hit any close male where he doesn’t like to be hit and smack your own legs a few times too
  11. Have someone operate a chain saw at the foot of your bed all night…record this and play it every night close to your ear
  12. Have your kids, husband, wife, significant other & even friends continuously and randomly lick your face and spit on you
  13. Practice sitting & on the floor as well as other hard surfaces as you will most likely have no room on your sofa. Your behind needs to toughen up
  14. Sleep with at least 2 people in your bed because 1 Dane in your bed is equivalent to 2 people that constantly toss, turn and hit you in the head multiple times a night.
    Prepare for total unconditional love.


Ha! I have never owned a great dane, but had the pleasure of looking after two of them once. They were huge, I’ve seen smaller ponies :joy:

I was lucky enough to be owned by a Saint Bernard for almost 10 years so I can identify with that list. Here is my beautiful gentle giant enjoying her favourite season, gone since 2010 but never forgotten!



I love Danes and am pet sitting one later this month. Another thing is to make sure you don’t go sliding across the floor when you step in their slobber. Be prepared not to breath when they sit in your lap. they get playful and you are the toy. Brace yourself when they want to give you a hug. When they get the zoomies it is best to stand near the wall so they don’t take you knees out. Just love them.


@Lindsay she’s adorable (excuse the present tense but they stay with us forever) thank you for sharing your precious memory.

We rescued the most beautiful GD Heidi, she used to gallop around our very large garden holding on to the ear of my much faster Springer Spaniel, poor Bramble her ear took on a life of its very own, according to Heidi anyway.


Yet to look after one. We have looked after a couple of Newfoundland and Pointers are becoming a speciality. The ones this year have GPS trackers on their collars so no shouting for hours on end. We can find them…….hurrah

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We fell in love with the 12 year-old Great Dane we dog sat for one month last summer and 2 weeks last fall. They are such gentle giants! It was so much fun watching this huge dog snuggling with a tiny cat on the same dog bed!
We recently contacted the Owners to find out how everyone is doing this year, and they are now traveling full time around the USA in their giant motorhome with their giant Great Dane. They even built a ramp for her to get in and out of the motorhome!


That is so cute to see such a big dog in the same basket with a kitty :cat:


What a gorgeous picture to wake up to on a Saturday morning. I didn’t notice the colour co-ordinated cat to begin with :rofl: Our largest house sit pup so far was gorgeous Benson, a Bernese Mountain dog - loved his oversized bed!!

Happy weekend!


That is SO adorable @Maryse … thank you for sharing.

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