How to refer people to the TrustedHousesitters Forum

I have a friend who joined TH thru my referral, but I don’t think she knows about this forum. Is this open to all members? How do I refer/direct her to it?

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It’s open to the public, not just members. Just send her a link to the homepage.

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Ok, thank you!

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Hi @Rebecca.62 and thanks for thinking of your friend. As @Snowbird says, the TrustedHousesitters forum is open to existing, new and potential members and there are a number of ways to send people here.

Members will find a direct link to the forum in their Dashboard dropdown menu:

Screenshot 2021-09-29 08.13.33

Or as Snowbird also says, you can send people the link directly to the url…

Everyone currently has to provide an email and username as this is run separately from the main TrustedHousesitters website (although the link back and forth is there to make things easy).

We are also in the process of adding links to the “Community Forum” across the main website in relevant places to help bring more people to this space, so you’ll likely spot links popping up over the coming months.

Everyone is welcome!!