How to work out the dates?

Hello, I’m brand new (joined tonight) so apologies if this has been asked before.
If a sit is dated 27 - 30, does this , mean you arrive on 27 and leave on 30, or does it include the 30 and you leave on 31st?

Hope that makes sense.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Regarding your question it differs per housesit.
Normally it would be arrive on 27 and leave on 30.
But I also had situations where they asked me to come on 26th evening because of very early departure, or offered an extra night to the 31st because of very late arrival.

Asking the HO will answer it for sure :slight_smile:

Enjoy your sits! :+1:


Thank you CamperCarl, I’ve just looked at a sit dated 29-30, so assuming that is a one night stay?


You’re welcome @MarieHuggins
Yes that what you could normally expect.

Yes, that’s probably right. They’re not that common but they happen.

Hi Marie. It depends is the only real answer. Often it means you arrive and leave on the dates indicated but sometimes a host will tell you during discussion that they’d actually like you to come a day earlier, for example. Maybe they forgot to factor in that they want a day to spend with you. Also, even when it does mean you arrive and leave on the dates indicated sometimes it means the hosts will be leaving the day after the indicated date for you to arrive. Probably safest to assume the dates you see are the dates you are expected to arrive and leave but best if you have a day flexibility in either side when applying. I wouldn’t ask about this in the initial application but certainly if the host is interested in your application you will ask in the next reply.

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Thank you so much, that is really helpful.

Welcome @MarieHuggins. Take the dates as a rough guide. Some owners will post their actual dates they are away but ask you to arrive a day or so beforehand. Some will do a blind handover where you arrive on the date shown.
Many HO’s will do a video chat before offering you the sit. This is the time to ask questions including when they need you.

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Thank you for the advice, that is great.
I’ve just had my first sit confirmed and am so excited. The owner is new to the site too, so we will learn together.

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Good luck with your first sit!

Hi @MarieHuggins welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters congratulations on getting your first sit and what a great first question to bring to the Forum, it is a detail which needs communicating right from the very beginning, this should include a travel itinerary, if there are flight numbers involved etc., the details can be confirmed after the dates are agreed but they are very important details.

Any other questions you have bring to the forum and there are many great articles on the website blog like this one …

Where are you sitting (pet sitting that is:)) and what furry friends will you be keeping company?

Welcome again, enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Hi MarieHuggins!

Normally you are correct but I find that it is always best to check and double check the dates including the days of the week with your host. Innumerable times a homeowner has been confused about their own dates, occasionally even after the sit has commenced. So getting clear in writing is my recommendation.

Yes I definitely check dates, days and timings. We often receive messages asking to arrive on say Monday the 8th and Monday is actually the 9th. Check and double check and get it in writing.


Either I or the homeowner raises this directly, which is the safest bet. In various cases, I’ve arrived a day early after we agreed, so we could do an in-person hand-off. But I’ve also had sits where I never met the HOs and things worked out fine.