Howdy from Texas

Hey y’all!! Patricia and Adriann checking in to say hello from San Antonio! We’ve been using @TrustedHousesitters for a few years for sitters for our babies Diesel and Bleu! We have met some awesome people who are not only housesitters but are now friends! Most people that have sat for us have done it more than once and we love that cause the babies get very comfortable with them. Most of the trips we take are with a group these days, but we are definitely looking forward to becoming sitters when travel picks up again. Looking forward to interacting with this group of like minded travelers!!


Howdy! We stumbled upon cool San Antonio by accident when we drove from LA to Chicago though the southern states a few yrs ago. The river walk changed our view of your city👍.

Are your furry friends pups or kitties?


The riverwalk is cool! We always take visitors there or suggest it to sitters!
We have 2 rescue pitbulls Diesel and Bleu. They are big babies that love to cuddle!


:sunglasses:Rescue pups! I’m sure they appreciate loving humans. I know very little about pitties but your two look friendly!


Hi Patricia, Adriann Diesel & Bleu! … Welcome to our community forum and thank you for bringing a little bit of Texas into our community, although nothing in Texas is really little!
It’s so so great to have to join our global members in sharing stories and experiences of their TrustedHousesitters journey and the friends they’ve made along the way … we are a very special community thank you for being part of it all this time.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members, we can’t wait to join you on your sitter journey, so many pet parents are inspired by their sitters to start their own sitter travel lifestyle.

Pets, people and places … the win win win of TrustedHousesitters!

Welcome again,

Angela & The Team

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I did the Riverwalk in October 1980, I had never seen anything like it before then or since, it was amazing :grinning: but I expect its expanded even more by now?


For sure!! There are multiple extensions of it now!! And they are all beautiful!!! San Antonio has really expanded since 1980!! You should come back and visit sometime!!


Greetings! I am not far away from you now in New Braunfels! I have been a full time traveling house and pet sitter for a few years now. While I don’t have a permanent home, Texas is my base of sorts and so I landed here for a few months until my next sit begins shortly.

Good to hear from Texans in the community!


Texas is a good base! One day I could see us being full time traveling pet sitters for sure!! We have a couple that has done several sits for us who are full time sitters and we love having them and hearing their stories! We always tell them we want to be like them when we grow up! And the pups love them! :purple_heart: