HS selection process

I’m an airline retiree with great travel benefits and can easily hop on a flight from my east coast location. Does proximity of HS to HO play a big part in the decision making process? A transcon trip is not a big deal for a four-day sit. Just wondering if it works against me compared to someone close by. Hate to think I miss out on my desired sits because of it

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No that wouldn’t work against you .

What’s most important is that the sitter is reliable , good communicator, tidy , respectful and can follow instructions in welcome guide

Reviews are also very important

I look for that above where they are travelling from . Unless it’s a last minute sit

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Not when you mention how easy it is for you to secure flights.

If you are new to THS…you may want to get some local sits for reviews, as that will have more of an impact on selection outcomes.

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I assume most HOs would love to have consistent sitters. I know we would love that for our boy if we had the chance and we actually just got contacted by an HO who is close to us asking if we’d be open to being that for her.

That being said, It usually just works out that you get more one-offs and people traveling from greater distances because most people come and want to travel and visit.

It doesn’t count against you. What matters waaaaaay more is are you a solid sitter.

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I live in Australia and just got a sit in Andorra, accepted immediately after writing my application. Oz to Andorra is a looooong way so no, it doesn’t matter - usually.


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Thanks, appreciate your suggestions.

There’s many sitters on here who travel all over their country and the world to petsit. I think the pet parents want to know if you can be a responsible dependable person. Our family is on our first international petsit as we speak. We were surprised when they selected but here we are and we have had an amazing experience bonding with their two lovely cats.

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That’s fantastic news @ziggy :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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I am going to go against the grain here. I do take location into consideration, although it is not the most important factor.

In my experience, travel disruptions are often easier to navigate when distances are shorter as there are usually more alternatives available. Also, given what we know about climate change, I prefer to choose sitters who already live in Europe (where I am) or whose stay is part of a longer European trip, rather than having sitters fly thousands of miles just for a short sit.

Again, it’s not the most important factor, but so far I have been lucky that often I have had multiple sitters apply who all seem great. In those instances, distance/location is one factor I take into consideration.


@Mkk there is also a thread about crossing the border and suggestions on how to handle situations. That’s another suggestion :wink:

Appreciate all sides of the story here!

HO here, and all of my sitters have traveled by plane to get to my sit. Most have been in country (I’m in the US), but also from another continent. I prefer to host sitters who are traveling!

For me, the most important thing is that the sitter communicates their travel plans clearly, and for international sits, the sitter should be in the US, if not my immediate area, days before the sit is to start. I also have learned to discuss with international sitters that they DO NOT mention housesitting when crossing the border.

Thanks! Good points to touch on in my application process.