I am new to the site and would like to explore how to use Housesitters

Hello from Tacoma Washington. I am John and you are welcome to visit my profile to learn about me at wetherhaven.

I am planning a trip to Europe for two months this summer with the intent to explore and to possibly find a place to retire. But initially I want to pursue a nomad approach and house sit or live in hostels while traveling. I have also explored volunteering to work on farms. Right now anything is on the table. I just attended a video conference with Angela and I am quite excited about the prospect of house sitting. I do have some questions and hopefully others in the forum can help.

How practical is it is find multiple housesits throughout Europe and use them as a way to not only connect with animals but learn about and explore the area?

I would fly into Europe and leave from the same location then travel throughout Europe. I was considering an unlimited eurail pass so that I could pack up and move easily. Maybe that is overkill, and not cheep. Would welcome ideas.

In fact, I would welcome a conversation with someone who has taken a backpacking approach and mixed their travel with hostels and housesits. I am totally open to ideas.


Hellooooo and a most heartfelt welcome to the forum and THS @wetherhaven!
Feel your way around here and the numerous topics and comments and please feel free to ask any questions.
You will find a mix of different people and how many of us manage. Some of us are definitely full time trekkers with a variety of experiences.
You are in the right place. No need for euro passes. That’s for tourists :rofl:
I prefer to travel like a local.
You will gravitate to the rhythm of what works best for you. Enjoy the unfolding of your dream life and the many stories you will find here and on the blog. We vary in age, opinions and perspectives but I think we all agree this is a wonderful life.
Welcome John


I’m at the start of 6 months in Europe (I’m from the U.S.). I have 5 weeks booked with back to back housesits all at the end of the trip, in the UK. I unfortunately let a fabulous in France slip through my fingers by not seeing a direct message for a few hours. I’ll be looking for short sits to fit in as I move about.
Many people do this full-time or close to it. I’m fairly new myself, but I would say you’ll have the best luck in the places where it’s most popular (the UK certainly, France, Spain seems to have many). Make sure you’re offering the HO’s something substantial (work on your experience, maybe get some specific training) and — especially these days — always have a plan B.


Hi @wetherhaven … John, welcome to the forum and thank you for joining the Nomadic Matt conversation, that was fun as well as being informative I hope.

I’m also heading to WA at the weekend and will be on Bainbridge Island before heading to CA. My advice would be to start locally in WA or OR and build up some reviews and experience before heading across the “pond” nothing replaces experience and it’s easier to get long distance sits once you have a built up some reviews, also bear in mind we are still in a post COVID world where long distance travels can still be uncertain and applying for sits internationally a bit more challenging, however much depends on the sit, location owners and timing, anything is possible.

Thank you again for joining in the conversation I hope there will be more … and as @Amparo & @Edith both encourage, do ask any questions here.

Angela & The Team