I don't have a pet

Hello, I’m considering signing up to receive a sitter. I don’t have pets, but I would like someone to take care of my yard and plants. Can I register in this case?
The other question is about two people signing up to look after a pet together (in my case, my mother and I), how does it work?
And what is the acceptance like to receive two people?
Thank you

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Yes you can most certainly sign up for house and plant sitting needs.

If you will be sitting together then register both people on the profile. I have a boyfriend who sometimes can sit with me and sometimes can’t. So he’s not on my profile but I sometimes communicate with the HO in advance and he comes with me.


In my opinion most HO’s are perfectly fine accepting 2 people, while a few specify that they prefer singles. The one thing that pops up in my mind, though, is whether the chosen HO’s have enough space to accommodate 2 people who, I’m assuming, prefer not to share a bed and/or a bedroom.

I was under the impression that only people on the profile are covered by the insurance if something were to happen to the HO’s property, so your mom should be part of your profile too. Maybe @Lulubelle can clarify this point? :smiling_face:

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Thanks @Lulubelle And is there any extra cost to register this second person?

Thank you Peonie

@fmaria_12 , Hello and welcome to the forum. Yes and yes! You will have no trouble finding sitters to care for your home, yard and plants, sans pets. And there are many, many couples who sit – friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, married couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Only one of you has to be vetted by THS and you should include information and photos of both of you on your profile.

There is a wealth of information on the forum. You can use the spyglass icon on the upper right to search questions or keywords.

After you join, you can post your profile and listing on your forum profile and the forum readers will give you helpful feedback to make them stand out. When you’re ready, you can search: How to add your profile or listing to your forum profile and follow those instructions.

In the meantime, happy reading!


No @fmaria_12 - you can create your profile as a couples one instead of one just for you. The costs are the same. If you’re in the US then the background checks are on you alone and not your partner :+1:t3:

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Yes you can sign up with no pets. There’ll be loads of sitters who would like a complete break-break from pets for a while.

We sit as a couple, we’re in our 50’s and 60’s. We started in March 2023, and have done it full time since then, and we are pretty fully booked until Autumn 2024! We’ve also got ongoing conversations for 2025, but I’m not ready to organise that far ahead.

Our acceptance rate is high-high, 90%+ of the ones we apply for where we are available for their full dates. But to put that into perspective, we are in the North of England, which is where our main focus of sits are. I can imagine location will hugely determine peoples chances of getting chosen, and if we applied for more further afield ones then our success chances would be much much lower (not that that would stop us). Plus we’ve been asked to return by a lot of home owners, but we’ve already had bookings for some of their dates.

To begin with, we just focused on sits within a 2hr drive of our home so that increased our chances of success as home owners know flight delays are no issue for us. But we’re also doing our first in Spain shortly, and there will be many more overseas in 2025 going forward.

I am the main person, but I include all of my partners details too, check out some sitter profiles of couples who have a lot of reviews, and then see how you can make yours even better.

The great thing about having two of you is any pets receive twice as much attention, and as there’s two of you it’s far easier to walk 2+ dogs in comparison to a single sitter. Also, if one of you gets ill, there’s always someone to care for the pets.

Make sure your profile pic has the two of you on it. Tell both of your stories in brief (only if it’s relevant), but come together as one about how you two feel about pets, so that a home owner doesn’t get any mixed messages, ie say ‘we’ this and ‘we’ that, never ‘I’ to how you feel about animals and explain why you are doing pet sitting in the first place, so they feel like they know-know you, without having questions in their heads.

Good luck


I am a homeowner on this site and my garden is my “pet.” I have had a good number of great sitters for my home and garden, so I believe the answer is yes. THS has had some employees think that is not so, but when escalated, it was determined that this is entirely fine.