I’m a new sitter needing help getting started

Hello Everyone, I’ve just registered and set up my profile. I’m based in Richmond on Thames in the UK, and I’m hoping to get sits in my local area so that I can stay near to my family.

Do any of you have any tips or advice you can give me so that I can get started?


Welcome @peterrbd local sits are a great idea to get started , you can offer to meet up before the sit which provides reassurance to the homeowner as you won’t have any reviews yet. Also look out for last minute sits as the home owners will be really grateful if you can come to the rescue at the last minute.

Last minute sits have a blue tag on them and you can also find some listed here on the forum :

Hi @peterrbd. Welcome!
Love Richmond. My brother lived in Chiswick for a few years!
Local sits are a great start and I got my first sit locally after 23 applications. The only thing to bear in mind is London sits go fast so maybe look at sits a little further out where you can jump on a train too.


Welcome peterrbd. As a sitter of eight years with THS, I also recommend applying on local sits to get a feel for how you like sitting and to gain references. That’s exactly how we started out. We did local sits for about a year and then applied on international sits and we’ve had a great experience. Best of luck!