Newbie totally lost

Hi I’m Sarah from Clacton on Sea. And I’m totally lost on here! I will be needing a pet/housesitter SOMETIME this year. I haven’t a clue when. Could you please explain what I should do next. Basically I will be going away in UK for maybe 2 weeks and I will need someone to sit with 4 cats and I small dog. But I don’t know when. How do I proceed from here please? Sorry if I sound silly asking this but I’ve never asked for a pet sitter before. Thank you if you can help me a bit here :blush:

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Hello Sarah and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our friendly forum. Please be reassured that there are absolutely no silly questions in our community and we understand it can be a little daunting the first time, especially if you’ve never used pet sitters before. So please don’t worry, you can ask us as many questions as you need to!

Firstly, from taking a quick look at your account, it doesn’t appear that you’ve paid yet. I suspect (correct me if wrong) that you’ve put your email details in, but not maybe taken the next step of ID verification and payment. If this is the case, let me know (you can direct message if you’d prefer – simply click on my icon and select the MESSAGE option) and we can get membership services to help you through the process tomorrow morning.

In the meantime here’s a link that will help you to understand what you’ll need to do to create your listing to best present your home and pets to other members.

We are all here to help and support you through the process of getting started, so please don’t hesitate to ask anything that you need to along the way. Our community in the forum is full of very helpful members who will also give you advice and guidance from their own experiences.

I will be around for a while this evening, but our @Angela-CommunityManager will be here tomorrow, and we will liaise to ensure you get any help you need. You are no longer lost… but found :slight_smile:

All the very best


There’s an excellent guide as to how THS works:

Once your travel dates are confirmed, you can post your sit.