I was the first applicant and my application was unread!

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To answer your question, this can happen for a number of reasons. Most likely, the PO (pet owner) received five applications and the listing automatically went into reviewing status. They may have not read any of them.

Other scenarios: Maybe the PO found someone to watch the pet off the platform – a friend or a family member, so didn’t bother to read their applications. Perhaps a previous sitter they liked was able to do the sit, they went with that sitter and ignored the other applicants. Or maybe they liked the letter of one of the other applicants – they may not have read the applications in the order they received them, ignored the other applications and went with a different sitter. Maybe they are not sure about their dates so are not bothering to follow up on applications.

I’ve run into this too. It’s disappointing but that’s the way things go. On to the next one …