If only I had a..... with me at the time

Mine would be a video camera.

My partner, Lynne and I are on a sit near Shaftesbury, UK. A very nice house, land, stables and four dog’s. 2 X Spaniels, Woozle (14 years) and her daughter Tigger (9 years) and then the 2 Dachshunds Pootle (5 years) and her daughter Smallie (6 Months) who will not stay still!!!

We have just taken them out for their evening walk around the field and on the way back we go past the stables where there is a water trough, the bigger dogs nearly always stop for a drink there, front paws up on the side, lap, lap, lap. Smallie decides she would like a drink as well, front paws on side, good push on rear legs and Wooosh straight over the top, head first into the trough.

I go running to the trough to rescue her (not wanting a dead dog on my shift) and as I get there she pops up at the other end of the trough, flops over the side, lands looking like a drowned rat and then runs off to play with the other dogs!

Oh how I wish I had a video camera with me at the time, Lynne and I were in stitches.

The photos of Smallie aren’t very good but as I said she won’t stay still.


@crewman what a cute set of pics. That furbaby is adorable and I love the way you told the story. I could actually see this happening…and a picture says a thousand words!


@crewman you painted a great picture with your narration! Having just done a similar sit in Australia, I could visualise the horse trough incident clearly. Thank you for the :grinning: