IMPORTANT Dog Water Safety - Life Jackets & Much More

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Life Jacket -

Here is essential advice for keeping pets safe while having fun in the water

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It’s official, summer is here! And for pup parents, heading down to your favorite beach, bay, or riverbank may be the go-to option to cool down your canine. For some, picking up a dog life jacket may seem rather over cautious. Surely a doggie life vest isn’t necessary on a shallow shoreline, right? Do I really need a puppy life jacket when I have a harness for my miniature mate? Well, actually, you might.

The start of summer brings with it a lot of fun, games, and mutt mischief. But, it’s important to remember your furry best bud isn’t completely clued up on water safety. Familiar swimming spots, even in still or slow flowing waters, can still be risky if dog dads and moms aren’t paying enough attention. To make sure you and your paw-fect pal have a super summer, here are our top tips on doggie water safety and intel on dog life jackets.

Whether you’re spending your summer days at the beach, a lake, or a pool, no adventure would be complete without your furry friend. But every dog is different — some leap freely into water and you can hardly get them to come out, while others may be more timid and need you nearby for support. No matter where your dog sits on this spectrum, a pet life jacket is a great way to ensure added safety so you can enjoy your time in the sun with your pup. :sweat_drops::dog:

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