Inbox glitch?

Why does inbox show 2 new after I’vee gone though all current and archived messages?

@Tlekas I’ve had a dot showing an unread message for years, it’s really irritating

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Yes. That dot has changed color though: from red to a purplish kind of blue.

Less noticeable now, so that was an improvement :slight_smile:

@JackieX and @Tlekas that dot in messages is super annoying that’s for sure! The only way I get rid of them when that happens is to start by clicking into each message in your inbox one by one, start writing something as a reply then delete it and exit that message and see if it’s gone. If not, do it again with the next message :roll_eyes:. It does work, you just have to keep doing that until it clears.

Happy anniversary JackieX :cake:

I guess that is what the piece of cake means!
Thank you

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The way I get rid of the unwanted dot that should mean there is an unread message, but in reality all my messages are read, is I delete the app and then load it again.

I just used the app, not desktop and was able to archive non active members. This also updated inbox on PC