New message on display but there isn't one

For quite sometime now I have had “1 new message” displayed on my dashboard. There is no new message, I can’t find one. I did try the “chat” help, but the idiot bot didn’t understand my query.

Mine too, I have never been able to find it and as a reminder comes by email for a new message I have given up.

If it the app just uninstall it then reinstall.

My app has been reinstalled frequently due to Android problems and it hasn’t solved it

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Hi @Wavingfish and @Chrissy
The (1) unread message displayed in your inbox would be from a ‘currently inactive’ member.
If you go to the App … Inbox … scroll down and you can archive all these so they are out of your inbox. One of those will be your unread one. If you are struggling, please email and ask them to help you.

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If they are “currently inactive” you can’t access the emails relating to those people, they system won’t let you.
I have complained about this feature (not allowing you to access past emails from currently inactive members) before.

Hi @Wavingfish

Yes, this is correct. Unfortunately it is the way the system is set up. All information related to a member’s account is closed when the member becomes ‘inactive’. There is no work around it I am afraid.

However, you can now move the ‘inactive’ member into archive on the App. Then at least the (1) in you inbox disappears.