Not being able to open message sent today

I have received a message inviting me to sit, from a notification in my email. However when I go into TH I cannot open the message or reply to it. Under the message sent , it says the owner is currently not active? Just wondered if they know this fact, or have blocked themselves after sending me the message?
I am wondering if they actually know that I am unabloe to read message and reply to them?

Hi @Visit please refer this to the Membership Services Team who will have the member’s details and will be able to assist, the Forum team do not have that information.

You can reach the team on

Thanks Angela,
I had tried online chat, all I could find, which said they had sent a message. Just thought here may have been quicker. I don’t like somebody, who has gone to the effort of sending me an invite, to just feel I have totally ignored and not replied to them. They may not know that I have been unable to see and read the message, and have no means of being able to give a reply to it. Anyway thank you.

Completely understand and appreciate your logic @Visit … I have also passed to the team.

Many thanks Angela, much appreciated.

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Update… I have just heard back from ‘support’ and apparently the notification I received, in private ermail inbox inviting me to sit, was from a member whose membership has now expired. That is the reason I am unable to view the sit and read the message. But surely if membership is expired then they should not have been able to send me out an invite in the first place? It still makes me feel mean that I am unable to read and reply.
I now permanently have (2) unread messages in my inbox. Already had one from a couple of years back, due to member deleting their membership before I had a chance to read the message they had sent.

Hi @Visit I’m sorry that is the result and to answer you question the invite would have come while their membership was still active, expired members cannot send messages.

Seems a bit odd to send an invite out if your membership will expire within a couple of hours? Surely an expiry of membership should be something like midnight on the day at least? Oh well…