Issue opening msg in my inbox 23 Oct 2021

Hello from sunny Bradenton Florida, USA where I am on the 2nd sit this year. I have received a new message from a homeowner today. However when I click on it to open and read, the page goes to nothing. Anyone else having this problem and what can I do to read the message?

Hi @Petsitter1 welcome back to our community forum, congratulations on being on your second sit of the year. I have checked your account and, will pass this over to the Membership Services team who will email you with their response.

Angela and the team

Hi again Laura from Membership Services is emailing you to advise.

Thank you

Thank you for the message. Unfortunately Laura did not understand or see the same result I getting. Do it’s been several days and the homeowner probably thinks that I am ignoring his message.


Victoria Lanier