Including a filter for "Sitter needs a car"

Hi, I made this request for the website rebuild and since it didn’t get added, I’d like to make it again. Given that “Sitter needs a car” is an info tag marked by owners along with items such as “Countryside”, it seems like it would be relatively easy to add this somewhere under the “More Filters” section.

From what I can tell, there are many sitters who either can’t take their own vehicle or who don’t want to rent a car for a sit. It would be very helpful to filter out listings in searches instead of wasting time to click open a listing only to find out a car is required. The number of Countryside sits that require a sitter to have a car far outweigh the ones where a use of car is included.


I don’t drive anymore so that would be a great help

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I’m with you on that one.
Info like a car is essential to get here/ No public transport within easy reach would be really useful.

But sometimes a car isn’t really required as has been discussed in another thread. It’s probably always best to check this with the home owner rather than get a filter - they’re only as good as what the HO inputs anyway…:wink:

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This is a fair point an I have seen some of the discussion on this.

Sometimes I just want to do a quick search for a “sit of least resistance” meaning that I don’t want to research the public transport or contact the owner to know the ins and outs of their location, whether they’d give a second thought to lending a car, etc.

Given that it’s already a category/tag on the website, it seems like no issue to add it to the search filters. (“Use of car included” and “High speed Wifi” are already in the search options).

My guess is the reason for it not being there is something other than technical.