Indoor cats & heatwaves

Is anyone else sitting an indoor cat at the moment, just wondered how people are managing the heat? We’ve got the windows on ‘fresh air’ lock and making sure there’s plenty of water for her. I thought about iced water? Any ideas appreciated.

Hi @Helencats. Yes, it has been a hot summer for many of us. Our poor feline friends can suffer from the heat like we can. So thanks for asking this important and timely question.

In addition to the great things you’ve already mentioned you might want to try these:

*Stroke your cat with a damp washcloth.

*Keep any cool floors uncovered. That will enable the kitty to stay cool by stretching out on it.

*Make a ‘cool water bottle’ for them to rest next to. You can do this by filling a drink bottle with cold water and leaving it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, wrap the bottle in a towel and place it where your kitty friend likes to nap.

*You might try leaving the water dripping in a bathtub. Lots of cats love that, and it will help keep them cool and hydrated.

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This summer I’ve used a 10 pound reusable ice block and put a towel over it so outside bunnies can lay on top of it. Ice melts too fast so I drilled a hole right under the cap of a Gatorade bottle, froze water overnight, and flipped it upside down so that as it melts it keeps the water cold. It was one of those water bowls where it has a separate hole for a big upside down water reservoir and the front side where they drink from

Petowner of indoor cats (and sometime sitter). Despite being desert animals, cats do suffer in high heat and humidity. Ice-water is nice! My senior cat of blessed memory used to ask for it on the regular. We actually leave the a/c on for our cats. This is something where if it isn’t written in your instructions, you should ask the owners about. Owners may have some specific ideas/suggestions.

Hi @Helencats you might also want to take a look at this thread which mentions how to keep cats cool during a heatwave :cat::sunny: