Insights on Seoul, Korea

Cool, are you having the same weather?
Give me some ropes on Seoul, do you like it.

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@grandma, About 30C (mid 80 F) and very humid. It either rains (mostly drizzle) or looks as if it was going to rain. My 2 weeks’ experience - a lot to do and see. Public transport - best in the world. No smoking anywhere, even in the streets with an exception of designated (shielded) places, very clean even though there are no trash cans. Cooked food is sold practically everywhere for little money. It is cheaper to eat out than buy food in groceries and cook. People are a lot friendlier and chattier than I expected. And … many people, especially the elderly, are afraid of dogs which is a bit shocking and funny at the same time when they jump or run away from the smallest of dogs. I am missing small restaurants with outdoor sitting - there are coffee shops but not restaurants.

All in all, definitely worth visiting.


I LOVE THIS. Thank you!

Hi @RadarInc @Amparo @Grandma - We hope you don’t mind but we thought this would make a great travel thread on a new city where any members visiting would likely love tips and advice! Thanks for sharing these super photos too! Please feel free to change the title if one of you wants to. Happy Sunday, Vanessa and the team

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Sure, llife is different on this side of the world.
Thanks and have a Great Week.


Jeju Island


Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

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