Would you believe it?

Would you believe this was taken today, 17th August 2022, on a beautiful sunny day, temperature 25C? Nothing unusual about that I hear you all shout. It’s l’Anse Amour in Labrador!

We thought it would be sweat shirts and long trousers by now.
Has some weather phenomena surprised you in your travels?


Wow! And yes - I saw 28 degrees and clear skies in the west of Ireland last week. Never ever thought I’d get a sunburn in Sligo but it happened :joy:

It rained most of the time we were in the west of Ireland so yes that would be a shock.

In my last visit to Wales during the first heat wave, the homeowners used their space heaters fan setting to blow over a large frozen bottle of water to create air conditioning!
It worked to the point where we got cold.

@ElsieDownie I just want to take my shoes off and hit that beach. What a great time to be there in beautiful warm weather. We are planning a two week trip there in April but I am guessing it won’t be quite as nice out!

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We are in Scotland and it’s been absolutely amazing weather 90% of the last four weeks (hardly any rain) , got sunburn even! In Scotland ! :joy:

Lovely pic! We did two house sits over the last few years in Dublin where I was born. It was the end of June and we had glorious weather on both the sits - we really lucked out! We sat for the same couple both times who had a lovely backyard facing South - luckily I brought a pair of shorts so I could bask in the unexpected glorious sunshine!


The sun shone more than a day in Scotland. You really got lucky.
It’s a beautiful place in any weather but I’m biased, Scots through and through.

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