Interactive location map

It would be extremely useful if the location map for a housesit would open up in Google Maps when clicked on. This would enable us to easily look at directions and different transport modes when working out how best to get there and back.


I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator here because I think she would be the best to answer and might have some insight on why the site doesn’t do this…my guessing is it probably has to do with privacy. Meaning that unless the homeowner confirms with a sitter - then at that point is when they receive the homeowners address. Once a sitter receives the address to a confirmed sit they can easily put it into google maps or ask the HO themselves the best way to get to the house. I believe Airbnb, Vrbo work very similarly, however, Airbnb does give the general zip code of the listing but not the exact address.

Hi @David_P … Yes, as @Kelly-Moderator mentions, the location never displays the exact address, for privacy reasons. If you are needing more information regarding the location, I would always suggest asking the pet-parent/owner for more specifics in your application.

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