MAP does not function

I am not sure why, but for many sits the map does not work. It is easy enough to open a different tab and google the town, but I just wanted to mention.

@SunshineAndAloha Hello and sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with what I’m assuming to be, the location map within a listings details? I’ve just checked on my account and can’t see any problems across several different sits. Can you provide any more detail about what particularly is happening… e.g. can you see any map at all, is it the zoom feature, has it ever worked for you or is this a new issue?

This just happens on certain posts. Sometimes it shows a sit in the Algarve in the Acores. Sometimes it shows the entire world without being able to zoom in the location. Sometimes it zooms in but not to the actual locations. I have seen many different issues with the map function.

Hi again @SunshineAndAloha thanks for coming back with some more detail. I’m going to tag @Lucy-MembershipServices so that she can help you with this when she’s back online Monday morning. Thank you for your patience on this, Vanessa

Here is an example of the non-zoom, world map

Hi there… I can see the map and zoom in and out … here’s a screenshot. Are you on a good internet connection?

I guess this probably only happens to me. I move about with various connections. No problem. I will just continue to google locations.

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This screenshot shot is just token, it’s already a few day’s that this is happening, in the south of Spain there are not evn6 sits.

Just had the same problem with the Netherlands and Belgium, both showed no sits at all.