Why is the map search function not appearing?

Hi, I’m not seeing the map function at all anymore? Is it just me or is there a way to turn it back on so we can see sits location as a whole? I’m finding this very frustrating.

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Hello @Happytravellers I’ve just checked on both my desktop and app versions and both are showing the maps. Is there any chance your internet has gone slow? Typically maps might struggle or lag behind if the internet is struggling. If you are on the app, you could try re-installing. In case none of this makes a difference, I will tag @Lucy-MembershipServices and @Therese-Moderator so that one of them can check in with you when they are on in the morning to see if they can help. All the best, Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, thanks for the reply. We have high speed internet, this is from my laptop and has been on going for well over a week now maybe 2 weeks or more? I just thought it was a glitch at your end? I can see the map on the app, I just dont like using the app for searching as its too small. Thanks and all the best to you too!

@Happytravellers Is your laptop set to view ‘Full screen’? The reason I ask is that I always default to not having my laptop on full screen. When I’m on the search screen for TrustedHousesitters, the map doesn’t display for me in that view. I have to switch to full screen if I want to use the map.

Hi Snowbird, thanks for replying. I’m on full screen. The space is there for the map but no map? When I click on a listing there is no map there either just the space where it should be?

@Happytravellers then Therese will probably need to know what device (Apple/PC) and what browser. She may need to refer it to a tech team. Perhaps send her that by direct message, so that she has it in advance.

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@Happytravellers I will send you an email via membership services so please do have a look out for this.
Best Wishes

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Just one more example of new measures/changes not working on this site.