International pet sits

Hi how hard is it to find a pet sitter in Honduras ? Thank you

I think you would definitely have interest. Honduras has many attributes that would make it a desirable location for sitters–warm climate, lower cost of living, not a lot of listings there so a more ‘exclusive’ opportunity, etc… It isn’t far from the US, where there are lots of sitters, so I think from there alone you would have plenty of people who would make the trip and want to apply.

Do you think that even for a week it would be on any interest?

Sounds interesting especially if someone is travelling through then a weeks sit is perfect.

Generally speaking, shorter sits in areas where there may not be as many local members or fewer listings so fewer sitters already in the country, may not be as easy to fill as a longer-term sit.

But you never know who is looking to be where, at what time and for how long. There may be sitters in a nearby country like Costa Rica or Panama–which have more frequent listings-- and can easily hop over to Honduras.

A lot of people who do housesitting don’t use it as their only means of travel, so you may have sitters already in the area who pick up sits that work for their schedule or itinerary. It could be a cheap vacation for someone in the US who just has to pay for transportation costs.

There are no guarantees with any listing, but I definitely think you would find people. If the main concern is the homeowner membership fee, there are a number of other sites where you can post for free. As far as I know, THS is the only site that charges HO’s.

There are probably Facebook groups as well-I belong to a few Asia-specific ones and I am sure there are ones for this region specifically or worldwide.

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Plenty of sitters for all homeowners just post :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there are plenty of digital nomads who’d be happy to take that sit.

For sure. Depending on the dates & details, I’d consider it.

But… there is a travel advisory from the US State Department: Honduras Travel Advisory

There are a lot of digital nomads already traveling through Central America who would be more than happy to do the sit.

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The location is Roatan, one of the Bay Islands not the mainland and the travel advisory is only for one area in Honduras which is very remote.

A long distance sailors paradise. I’m sure someone would like some “shore leave” with your pets for company.

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Has anybody pet sat in Colombia recently and would like to share how was their experience?