Introducing Ourselves and excited to be accepted by new furry friends

Hello… This is exciting. This is Heidi and Eric from Tucson, AZ USA and we are new to early retirement with plans to travel the world. Since we were kids, we’ve always had cats and dogs as part of the family and our most recent was Riley, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever we lost several years ago. Due to extensive travel plans in retirement, we often debate adding a furry friend to our home and discovering this wonderful world of Trusted Housesitters will give us the best of both worlds: the ability to be a companion to other furry friends while their family is away and also immersing ourselves in local communities around the world. I only worry about saying “see you later” to a new furry friend and missing them immediately. Eric is an Engineer and I (Heidi) have been an HR Manager, Airport Operations agent and Logistics Manager over my career. We love to travel and staying in a hotel, Airbnb, VRBO, Homestay or cabin is like being home and our reviews from prior lodgings will give members the assurance that their furry friends, home, gardens and plants will be well taken care of. I look forward to reading of others exciting experiences and how this kind of care means so much to our pets.


Welcome to your new exciting life!


Welcome! Petsitting is a very rewarding and fun way to travel.

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Thank you. We are super excited. Traveling this first time for 3 ½ months and then next year we hope to plan around some sittings. Thank you again for the nice welcome!

Thank you for the welcome. This is a great concept and we are so excited to get to know other’s pets while traveling.

Welcome! The forum has tons of great past threads of helpful info and is a great resource to support your THS adventures!


Thank you for the welcome and the information on past threads. We have this years travel already booked so we will purchase a paid plan starting in January to craft our next years travel around some sitting opportunities. This is a great system and we look forward to helping others while scratching our itch for cats and dogs.

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Beware that many people organise their calendars well in advance so it’s well worth joining a ways before the first dates you want to sit. I’m booked now until Jan 2025 with one sit in each month.

Welcome! This is indeed an amazing opportunity.
Leaving the pets does often hurt :cry:

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Thank you for the kind welcome.

WOW, thank you. I was thinking about how far in advance and since we can only book flights about 11 months out (thinking next fall) I didnt think about some opportunities that might present earlier in the year. Great advice! Thank you.