Introducing Your Community Coordinators

Introducing your team of Community Coordinators, Kelly, Debbie, Karen E, Karen S and Julie.
There’s always something special about being able to put a face to the name … please give them all a warm TrustedHousesitters community welcome … Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Watch out for our team member’s own Introductions on the Forum. You’ll learn more about their lives, pet loves and travel adventures and feel free to ask questions about their TrustedHousesitters journey and other things …

Get to know the two Karens here:

Karen S
Karen E


Hi everybody! Looking forward to getting to know you here!


It goes without saying that the rest of us on the team are super happy to have this additional help and support in the forum (especially on the US timeline) and of course out and about in the community! Very happy to have you all join and with so much combined experience :clap: :star_struck: