Monday Brings A New Forum Team Member

Hi everyone, we hope that your weekend is going well …

I am delighted to share some wonderful Forum Team news, we have a new Community Manager joining us. Jenny has been with TrustedHousesitters for a few weeks and will be “live” on the Forum and introducing herself to the community on Monday October 30th.

Jenny has excellent community experience and will be a great addition to our existing Forum Team; Community Manager Carla; Moderators Therese, Kelly and Karen and myself, Angela.

Watch for her introduction, which may include a picture of her adorable cat Walter and please give her a warm TrustedHousesitters Forum welcome …

Thanks everyone continue to enjoy your weekend and if you’re in the UK or Europe don’t forget to “Fall Back” tonight … The clocks change, :alarm_clock: :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Jenny! Can’t wait to see your cat photo :heart_eyes:


@Angela_L Not forgetting the ever-helpful @Samox24 !


And @Samox24 of course thank you @Colin


A big welcome to Jenny, I hope she has her seatbelt fastened :rofl::joy: Seriously though, big welcome to both Jenny and Walter :person_raising_hand:

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Hello @Angela_L

Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

A big hello and thank you to @andrealovesanimals , @Colin and @ziggy - if you’d like to know more about me you can head over to my intro post here

Chat soon!



Welcome @Jenny_V ! Great to have you here. Is there a reason your @name doesnt have “a badge” next to it, like f.ex. @Angela_L 's? That baadge would make it easier to indentify you as a communiy manager rather than just a regular forum member.

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Oooh that’s a good spot, @CatsAndDog! As far as I know, I should have one, I’ll check with the team. You’re absolutely right, it’d make me more easily identified.

Thanks for spotting that! :grinning: