New Forum Team Member

Hi everyone, happy Monday …

I hope you all keeping well and had a good weekend.

Our team is evolving, some members have moved on to start new adventures so I am delighted to share some fantastic news, we have a new member joining the Forum team.

Sophia will be our new Community Manager starting tomorrow, Tuesday August 22nd please watch for her introduction and give her a warm TrustedHousesitters Forum welcome …

Thank you everyone


Are you still with us?


Yes @Amparo thank you for asking :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have a new position then, Angela?

I have noticed a number of the moderators, including yourself @Angela_L, no longer have that label and was about to enquire why. Perhaps we could have clarification who still is a Moderator, especially for new members looking for help and so we don’t bombard the ex-Moderators with questions or DMs to follow up for us. Thank you!

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Any chance of hiring a new Tech Team member? Judging by the time it takes to fix the app, seems like they could do with a hand #jokingnotjoking :wink:


Hi @temba nothing has changed regarding the existing team except titles have been removed our community is still supported by @Carla_C @Karen_E @Kelly_U @Therese myself @Angela_L and now we welcome @SophiaK our New Community Manager.

Our forum is growing and “open” 24 hours 7 days a week and while members are helping members more and more, which is the purpose of a community forum it’s important to have a team member in support when needed.


I would have thought it was still important for team members to be easily recognised @Angela_L by members, especially new ones, considering as you say, the forum is growing. Anyway, great you’re all still on the team.

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It seems now they a have a badge next to their name. It is helpful to know who fourm team members are.

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I noticed the badge @ExploreDreamDiscover but it really doesn’t explain what it means.

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@temba that is true. I only know it since I know the fourm team members .