Fond Farewells and Warm Welcomes to the Forum Team

Hello everyone,

The forum team are pleased to announce that @Sam_F will be joining the Forum Team as a Community Moderator :clap:

You might have seen Sam around the forum previously and recently been following her sitting adventures in Switzerland with her new pawsome friend. Sam has now joined the team and we are super pleased to have her on board!

With warm welcomes come fond farewells as @Kelly one of our Community Moderators will be moving over to a new role in Social Media and Events. Kelly will be sadly missed and we wish her all the best in her new THS role.

However, you will still be seeing her from time to time on the forum at all of the wonderful San Diego events - please keep an eye out in the Meet-ups & Travel category!


Please join the Forum Team in welcoming Sam in her new role and sharing best wishes to Kelly for her future endeavours within THS! :smiling_face:


Yay! @Sam_F. Always balaced and helpful on the forum!


Thank you for your kind words @HelloOutThere


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