Join the forum team in wishing Angela all the best for her new venture within THS!

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some news to share, and it’s bittersweet. :face_holding_back_tears:

As many of you know, Angela has been the driving force behind this amazing community for nearly three years. Thanks to her care and dedication, the community has flourished under her guidance, and Angela has been there every step of the way.

What you might not be aware of, is Angela’s involvement in various other aspects of THS. Her list of job titles within the organization is too long to mention, but in the past year, she’s been focusing more on her role as Head of Community and PR.

Sadly, we can’t clone Angela (although that would be pretty cool!), and this means that Angela will be transitioning full-time to these other crucial roles.

Now, what does this mean for the Forum? The fantastic news is that we already have an amazing team ready to make sure that everything runs seamlessly. Carla will continue as one of our Community Managers and step up into a more involved role here on the Forum, and Jenny, whom you recently met, will continue to do a brilliant job in her new role as a Community Manager.

We’re also lucky to have the continued support of our wonderful moderators Kelly and Therese, although sadly Karen will soon be embarking on new adventures within THS. Karen, you’ve been fantastic, and you’ll be missed here on the Forum!

Even though change is in the air, Jenny and I, along with the Forum team, are committed to actively supporting the community and enhancing your forum experience.

While Angela won’t be hanging out on the Forum, keep an eye out for ‘Auntie Angela’ in other corners of TrustedHousesitters!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a DM to Jenny or I.

We invite you to join us in expressing gratitude to Angela for her endless passion and dedication to the Forum. We have no doubt she’ll bring that same energy and more to her new role.

Feel free to comment below and share your tributes and memories, to give Angela a wonderful send-off. :slightly_smiling_face::heart_hands::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Angela_L It was lovely to meet you in person a few months ago and I wish you all the best with focusing on just a few of your many hats within THS. Good luck.


@Carla_C Thank you for sharing the background info on these transitions. @Angela_L and @Karen_E, I wish you both well in your new roles and hope you’ll find them both invigorating and rewarding.

@Angela_L , having volunteered alongside you and with you has been a pleasure. We haven’t always agreed on things, but I think we’ve always shown respect, which I appreciate. You have been a great support to me along my journey with TrustedHousesitters and the forum.

@Carla_C and @Jenny_V , I very much appreciate and respect your style of handling things. I realize you are often up against challenging times, so I wish you well as you move forward into 2024 on the forum.


@A98765 the Forum has been your baby since it’s inception and has grown to become what it is today. It isn’t always an easy or grateful job and requires a special person to sometimes handle the backlash and negativity that sometimes creeps in. But you have handled it with dignity and also been in it for the many good times. Because of your love and devotion to the pets :heart_eyes_cat:

You have been there behind the scenes for many, including myself. When we needed help on some occasions, with personal matters and general help the Forum couldn’t provide, you have always replied graciously and caringly and spoken with nothing but kindness and thoughtfulness. Many are quick to pick the bad in people but never recognise the good. It’s a thankless job sometimes and I myself have not always agreed with the decisions of TH but that’s what the Forum is about - open and honest discussion. I think we need to realise that you and the mods are not the decision makers but the meat in one very big sandwich and often the bearers of news that not everyone wants to hear.

I wish you well in your new venture and hopefully the team moving forward will have many years ahead of them in a world that isn’t always kind. You all do your very best, that’s what matters in life, to do your best through brickbats and bouquets, but remain standing.

Bye Angela, safe travels wherever that may lead :clinking_glasses::star2:


Wishing you well @Angela_L in your next position with THS. You have been with THS right from the beginning and your passion and dedication have not waned in that time.
The Forum has been your baby and for that, we members, have a lot to thank you for, for giving us a voice, though sadly, it’s not that often heard and acted upon. But that is not your fault. You and the other moderators are the meat in the sandwich and you all handle it with tact and thoughtfulness.
Enjoy being able to devote more time to your other roles as you have certainly given much of yourself to the Forum.


Thank you and best wishes, Angela.


@Angela_L All the best for your new adventure at THS


Wishing you the best Angela!


I wish you the best Angela, but why your new role with THS is so vague?
Can’t we know what will be your next responsabilities?
I saw you were an experienced sitter too : 93 sits done!

Happy new adventures Angela :+1:

Angela, I met you about two years ago at a meetup that you organized in London. My husband and I had made a major life change and had just started petsitting. You were kind and gracious then and you have continued to be as a forum moderator. Those were good times at THS.

Good luck to you in your new position. I hope that you enjoy your responsibilities and that you still get to travel as I think that is important to you. I hope we will continue to hear from you from time to time. Cheers, Annie


Hello everyone, Thank you for all of your wonderful messages joining the forum team in wishing Angela all the best in her new role. Angela wanted us to let you know that she has passed on her heartfelt thanks for all of your kind words :smiling_face: