New Beginnings - Introducing Our New Forum Team Member

Hi Everyone and thank you for your wonderful words and good wishes for Vanessa who has been such a valuable asset to our community and Forum Team. We will miss seeing her on a daily basis but I’m sure she will still be a presence on the Forum, in one way or another.

Change happens and when it’s a positive change we need to embrace the opportunities presented to us, that said I hope you will join me in extending a very warm welcome to Carla the newest addition to our Forum Team.

Carla will introduce herself of course but I would like to give a brief intro “taster” …

New to the Forum Team but not new to TrustedHousesitters Carla took an extended break, went to Bali where she met her husband, moved to the States and is now returning to our TrustedHousesitters family … (the shortened version.)

A passionate and knowledgable animal lover, foster Mom and accomplished equestrian, her beloved rescue Fudge spent as much time in our Brighton office as Mum and was a treasured part of our TrustedHousesitters family. We were all heartbroken when we said goodbye to him . … I know Carla wont mind if I share this delightful photo, his presence and contributions at meetings were legendary.

Like all TrustedHousesitters team members Carla has experience both as a sitter and pet parent/owner and we know our community will benefit greatly from her knowledge, experience and support.

Thank you and Happy New Year

Angela & The Forum Team


Welcome @Carla_C
I am looking forward to your contributions here on the forum. Transitioning into a new world, especially one that is well established can be exciting and challenging.
Best wishes. You are joining a very committed and supportive team but if there is anything I can do, do not hesitate.


@Amparo thank you for extending your generosity of spirit, as you always do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: … Unfortunately @Carla_C has been very unwell this week, a victim of the awful bug that’s hitting so many. Hopefully she will be well enough to join us again next week.


Hi @Carla_C hope you are on the mend soon and we can get to know you


@Amparo & @Crookie Thank you both so much for your warm welcome. I am excited and looking forward to being back at TrustedHousesitters in this new position. I am so lucky to be part of such a supportive team and fantastic community and I can not wait to meet more forum members. Luckily after being unwell with the flu I am on the mend and appreciate your well wishes. Carla


Welcome @Carla_C and I am pleased to hear you that you are now on the mend :slightly_smiling_face:


@Samox24 Thank you so much and lovely to meet you


Welcome back to TH, Carla! Glad you are on the mend.

I’m always impressed with how hard-working the mods are. It can’t be easy figuring out which posts to merge into others, putting out fires, maintaining a positive attitude, etc., but they wouldn’t have chosen you unless they thought you’ll knock it out of the park.

Congratulations on entering this new chapter!


You are most welcome @Carla_C
Nice to see you here and that you are recovering.
Onward and upwards!


Hi @Carla_C & welcome (back). Somehow missed Angela’s original post…oh yes, I remember now, I was clearing the dog mess every day that I hadn’t been warned about on my last sit :confounded:

Bienvenue among us @Carla_C. You already know we are quite a talkative group. Many opinions here, heterogeneous troupe but all loving this way of life.


@Carla_C we are so excited to have you on the forum team! I love that picture @Angela_L shared of your sweet Fudge in the office. What a precious moment. :green_heart:


@Brigitte @Saltrams @Julie_A @geoff.hom Thank you for all of your very warm and welcoming messages. I can not wait to get to know the forum community more. I feel there will be many exciting times ahead and am grateful to be part of such a warm, informative and helpful group.


Very glad to “meet” you Carla! Welcome “home” and look forward to your insights!