Introduction from Concord, NH

We have 2 wonderful Goldendoodles. Jake is 12 and Toby was born in Feb 2021, so as I write this he is almost 1.5 years old.

Jake is the perfect dog. Sadly he is getting on in years.

Toby is a rascal. Loves attention. loves to play and loves to bring us treasures, especially my hair crunchies or any clothing he can find.

Both dogs love to hike in the woods off-leash and luckily there are plenty of places around here to do so. They also love to wade in the water even in the middle of the winter when most water is frozen, but they will find some water! Of course, they love mud. Luckily the mud just falls off Jake as soon as it dries, but Toby sometimes needs his paws rinsed off.

Jake was great about staying in our yard until we adopted Toby, then all training went out the window so we recently set up a Petsafe electric fence.

Both dogs are easy. The biggest challenge is feeding them because we feed them the best! The dog food we give them is from Dr. Harvey’s. We add raw meat (we grind it ourselves and freeze it in 1-cup Ziplock bags) vegetables, berries, pumpkin and olive oil.

We travel often but rarely travel without Jake and Toby. They are great in the car, even on very long distances. But sometimes no matter how we try to bring them with us, there are times when we must leave them at home. They love being at home and the neighbors love to come over to feed or walk them when we are in a pinch.

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Hello Gale, and welcome to the TrustedHousesitters Community! Here you will find a whole host of fellow travel and pet loving folks with many wonderful adventures to share, like you.

Goldendoodles are a favorite of mine, having just completed a stay with a 2 year old in Northern California. So playful, curious and at times stubborn. Maybe that’s the Poodle part, I dare say with affection :wink: It also sounds like we have the food piece in common, as we feed our Australian Shepherd a mix of raw and freeze-dried which she loves. At 15 years young, it’s gotta count for something.

In addition to traveling, will you also do pet sitting? If so, you may want to include a link of your profile in your listing. It will help others see your qualifications and give you greater exposure. Here’s the scoop: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

We look forward to seeing where you land and any photos you care to share of your furry ones Jake and Toby.

Karen S and the Forum Team