From the Cotswolds, UK with Dogs, Chickens, Tortoise & Fish

Hi Everyone,
My wife and I have just joined TrustedHouseSitters, and are excited to meet other animal and holiday lovers!

We will be travel to the U.S. for my 40th birthday! Normally we holiday in the UK, so take the dogs with us wherever we go, so with our overseas trip upcoming we want to ensure they are taken care of in the familiar environment of our home, rather than kennels.
I’d like to introduce you to Bear (Huntaway dog with bags of energy and loves to chase a ball), Finn (Lurcher dog with burst of energy and enjoys plenty of snoozes), Rhubarb, Nancy, Nugget and Fish (our chicken flock, who love to talk away and occasionally lay eggs), Wolfgang (our Hermann’s tortoise, who my wife says hisses only at me - lucky he’s only 12cm long) and our Fish (split over two tanks with fish, algae cleaners, suckerfish and shrimp). This sounds like a handful, but most of the animals take care of themselves apart from the daily feed… the dogs are the two that need most attention :slight_smile:

Kieran & Bex

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Hi @Kieran_Duke
Another big welcome to the forum. I see you have already contributed to another post.

What a lovely menagerie of pets you have, and I am sure you will find some fabulous pet sitters for when you go away.

You look like you have a fantastic trip planned for your 40th birthday. Congratulations :clinking_glasses:
Where about in the states are you going? Is this your first visit to the states?
We have many US forum members who, I am sure, will be able to give you lots of travel advice on the areas you want to visit.

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

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Welcome from North Carolina in the USA. Congrats on the big 4-0! We are coming to Bristol for the month of May for a sit. The UK is one of our favorite places to sit.
You will love this group as there are many delightful folks who always have great advice.


Thank you Therese
We are travelling to Washington DC, for a wedding with my wife’s family in Virigina (we’ve travelled there to visit previously).
We then hire a car and drive West via Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas- very much looking forward to visiting all of these - all new to us :slight_smile: I’d welcome any tips and tricks for this leg of our trip.
And then we fly to Las Vegas for the last leg of our journey before flying home.
Lots to fit in over 2.5 weeks!

So hoping we can find someone to look after all our animals, so they can have an adventure while we are adventuring over the pond!


NH gives you an unusually warm welcome for this time of year🤭

Next time we visit Vegas…we may or may not visit Zak Bagans’ ghost museum :flushed:

Catch a Cirque show in Vegas if you can, this is our recommendation:

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amazing! Thanks for the welcome.
I went to university in Bristol - I loved it, so sure you’ll have a great time. I would offer some tips, but it’s been a while since I was there! Plenty of bars and restaurants down by the waterfront, and nice greenery at Clifton Downs and the Suspension Bridge

oh, excellent suggestion on Cirque du Soleil, I’ve heard this is meant to be amazing… I’ll look into it, thank you.
Not sure I’m convinced ont he ghost museum though :slight_smile:

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Neither is my wife but I’m working on it for the ghost museum😄

@CindyLou where are you in NC? I am in Charlotte and hoping to set up a meetup soon in the Charlotte area.

@Kieran_Duke if you are visiting Nashville, be prepared to see lots! Music Row is amazing with all the music venues, many of which are owned by famous Country Singers. Our favorites are “Ole Red” owned by Blake Shelton and “Kid Rock’s Honey Tonk”, but there are also other icons like the Bluebird Cafe and Tootsie’s. So much to see and do…so little time.

music row nashville live music - Bing video

Of course, New Orleans has plenty to do and see as well…you are going to be super busy, but such a great bunch of places to see.

Please send pics when you are on your journey so we can travel vicariousy through you!


Hi Debbie. We’re in Brevard, about 2.5 hours NW of Charlotte.

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@Kieran_Duke I live in Houston but from Southwest Louisiana. Let me know if you have questions. Maybe I can help. :blush:

Thank you for the suggestions, always appreciated.

What an incredible trip - I had to write when I noticed Cotswolds because I took my son there for a house sit for his 16th birthday! We cared for four amazing dogs and chickens. I loved the area so much I’m returning for three house sits this year. There are so many positive aspects to being a part of this community.

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Nashville is on our list and we can’t wait.
My wife has already earmarked the Bluebird cafe, but will make sure we visit some of the others too :slight_smile: so excited!


Thank you - sounds like a great trip.

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Hello @Kieran_Duke and welcome :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like you have an amazing 40th birthday celebration planned! :tada:

As @HelloOutThere out there mentioned if you can catch a Cirque show whilst you are there. We have seen “O” twice in Vegas now and it is just superb!
Also if you like Chinese food I highly recommend Mott 32 whilst you are there, we first discovered this restaurant in Hong Kong and were absolutely delighted when we first noticed they had opened one in Vegas!

Happy travels! :blush:


Wow, like you said, lots to fit in in 2.5 weeks! What an adventure!

If you run into any issues in Dallas, let me know. I live just east of there. PM anytime.

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