Invitations & Application Limit Question

Probably discussed before but searching is so hard without clear keywords.
Here’s the scenario (all processes carried out on THS Website using Safari browser on an iPad):
This morning I find we have been invited to a (previously unknown, not a favourited) sit. (Lucky us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
I open the message in my Inbox and also click the “view listing” link, which opens in a new window.
In the Inbox message, the date is pre-ticked & the “apply” button is green & clickable. There’s a decline button too.
On the listing viewing page, the sit is paused & reviewing. The sit is fabulous but we are not available.
Just out of interest, to see what happens, I click on “Apply” and I get the little pop-up about how exciting it is to be applying. I don’t OK that because we can’t do the sit, BUT
Doesn’t that suggest that invitations override the 5AL (my new shorthand) and it is possible to apply even if one is the invited 6th+ applicant?
I write a reply and once I see it has been read, I decline the invitation.
After declining, I view the sit again and it’s down to 2 applicants, so does that suggest that invitations take up application places or had the HO just processed applicants in the background?

Hi there
Not sure about whether or not the application takes up a space, but having been invited to a sit a couple of weeks back–that I couldn’t do because I wasn’t available-- that was showing ‘in review,’ the application limit being reached must not affect the ability of the HO to issue invitations. That is good they still have this option to connect with possible sitters directly, since a HO may have applicants that have potential, so don’t want to outright reject them, but aren’t their most ideal fit, and would like to ‘keep looking.’


Thanks @KC1102, that does make sense.

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So… would this mean, I could put up a public listing AND also invite the ones I’ve favourited for the same dates, so that the ones who got an invite could still apply, even if they weren’t in the first 5?

That would be nice, and give them a fair chance to apply if the dates suit them, no matter the time zone they’re in etc.


It’s a workaround by the HO because of the 5-sit rule. If you accept, you aren’t confirmed, but it’s just like you applied publicly. That is, the HO could confirm you, but you’d still have to accept the sit. However, it also gives you the opportunity to message the HO on the site, and then you’d be able to write each other which is great if you want to sit for that person someday.