Process for accepting invitation

I have accepted two sits by invitation, but on my dashboard they are stuck in “applied for sits” rather than “upcoming sits”. How do I move them? I have sent questions to the “help” desk but it’s 5 days now and have received no reply. Can anyone help?

Hi Peter,
Thanks for responding. No, I didn’t know there was a difference. I don’t know if I was ‘invited to sit’ or ‘invited to apply’, but the first one is a repeat sit which wasn’t posted (the HO actually texted my phone to do the sit and I asked her to send an invitation which I then accepted). The second one I applied to the application and the owner ‘chose’ me then I accepted the sit. As far as both HO’s are concerned the sits are going ahead, we have messaged the full details to each other and arranged a pre-sit meeting with the second sit. They are both confirmed.
Thanks again for answering Peter, I’ll await further advice,

I just had a trawl through my e-mails, and it seems both times I was ‘invited to sit’…


Hi @Dee I will have @Therese-Moderator look into this for you when she is back online …

hi @Dee We do apologise for the late response to your emails … I will email you within the next 10 mins. Kind regards Therese


Hi Therese,
We have the same problem for two sits. Could you send us the solution too, please?

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Hi @Expat6 I will email you from membership services. Kind regards Therese


Hi All
I think this has changed format.
In the past when I have had invites (previous HO or not ) the buttons were decline or accept.
Now it is Decline or Apply regardless of whether the sit is a repeat.
I too was approached with a personal txt message by a HO for whom I have sat for multiple times.
I agreed and asked that they send an invite on THS (keeps the reviews ticking over)
This came into my in box with Decline Apply.
it is quite confusing for both parties.

Hi All and @fyfie
I just wanted to clarify and confirm the process.
The process of HO’s sending a private message with dates is a 4 step process.
The HO adds private dates at the top of the sitters inbox messages.
The Sitter then Apply (green button)
The HO then Confirms
The Sitter then still needs to Agree to Sit. This should now appear on both the HO and the Sitters dashboards.

If this is not working as it should, please do email us at so we can pick this up quickly for you and investigate this. There may be a little gremlin which has crept in.
Kind regards Therese