Is it possible to find a housesitter for the whole year sit?

I would love also a long sit. Have never seen one.

Hi Grandma. I just did a search for house-sits that are 6 months or longer. There’s one in Seattle and 2 in the UK.

Thanks. I will try to find Seattle.

The title is “House Sitting with Waffle”. If you click on her dates, you’ll see the one for next year.

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Thanks. Already 25 people. I appreciate

Be very, very wary as you recruit your long term house sitter would be my advice. Feel free to message me privately and I’ll share our (awful) experience as house owners who took on a long term house sitter with you.

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Oh no @UKLongTermSitOfferers , sorry to hear that it clearly hasn’t worked out well with your long-term sitter.

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