Is it possible to find a housesitter for the whole year sit?

Hi to everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m new in the housesitters community, so please help me with one question.
It isn’t an actual situation, but can be :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe I will have a work opportunity to move to another country for one year. So, I’m thinking about our possibilities, because I want to move all my family with me :slightly_smiling_face: that means that our house will be empty… Not absolutely, but without us :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, we can rent it, but I think, it can be difficult… After all, one year can be a short time for settle in, for someone. You move in, and “in a moment” you have to move out again… Because of that I think also about the house sitting but is it even possible to find a house sitter for the whole year? Have you some experiences with that? And how does it work? In the case of the short-term house sits, it’s clear for me. But what about the long term? Can a house sitter participate in the payment of bills (mortgage, energies, some disorders, etc.), or it’s still the same and it’s all on the HO? I can’t imagine this, so if somebody has some experiences, please share, and also share your opinions.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


There are a lot of full-time housesitters who are on the look-out for longer sits. One year is a long time of course, but why not? I don’t think it’s impossible. A lot will depend on the location & the house itself of course.

Regarding bills, I assume there are no animals on site? In which case it would seem fair to me (but that’s my personal opinion!) to contribute in electricity/gaz/internet. However not the mortgage. Even if there aren’t any animals, the house sitter will still provide services like security, taking care of the garden, mail…
If the house sitter contributes to the mortgage, then what would the difference be with renting?
Again my opinion…


Hello Hana and welcome to the forum! We hope you enjoy your time here connecting with the community.

There is no time limit on a house sit, although there are less long term sits of 3, 6, 12 months and beyond. My partner and I are actually on a long-term sit at the moment in France, looking after the 2nd home of a British couple who usually use TrustedHousesitters for sitters in the UK when they visit this overseas home. Because of Brexit they have now decided to sell, and arranged with us this house sit through until next Spring when they will return to put the house on the market.

We look after the large house, the garden, the pool and we agreed to pay the electricity, but other utilities are covered by the owners. There’s a lot of garden maintenance here so it feels a very good exchange and both parties are very happy with the arrangement. We can use the property as a base, by agreement, and still do other short term sits, as long as we don’t neglect the home or compromise it’s security.

I think in these cases it’s about discussing upfront all the property care that might be involved and to come to an arrangement of what feels comfortable for you both. We pay for lots of other things that we consider part of our cost of living, cleaning materials, pool chemicals, etc., and are happy to do so. As with all sits, but particularly for longer sits, it’s very important to agree the expectations in a longer sit. There is more potential for wear and tear issues, annual maintenance jobs, land management etc., so thinking ahead to all the things you would expect to do at the property in a year period is important too. I hope that helps a bit but very happy to share more if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


Not sure what country you are in, but for some, a year is not possible without an extended visa, so there may be limitations to who can apply - people from your own country?
Or it may be that you get applications from people who can do eg 6 months, then need to leave for a few days (Visa run) then return. I have seen several year-long sits, some with and some without pets, and various options offered.


Hello, I think it would depend on Pets, Types of Pets, how many etc and then utility bills (Electric, Gas, Water) We stayed on an extended H/S they had 4 Dogs and a Large outdoor Pond with approx 30 Fish, they did the costs of someone coming to feed and clean out the filters for the Fish and the Cost of the Dogs going to Kennels and went this route, they were so happy we were looking after their 4 Dogs at Home, plus the Fish were taken care and their Home was occupied, they even left us Christmas Presents (Which was a lovely as we didn’t expect anything) they shouted us to a meal when they got back as they were so happy that the Dogs were happy, the Neighbours were happy too. We offered to contribute to the Water, Electricity, however they insisted we had saved them a fortune, they have asked us to come back in possibly 2022 if we can all travel as they have a Grown Child in NZ and like to go over for several Months at a time and enjoy the NZ Summertime with the Family there.
It would be something you could also negotiate with your Contract/Work as the cost of giving up somewhere to live or trying to rent out when Mortgaged plus Insurers don’t like homes being unoccupied for extended periods of time, they might make an allowance for you have to still have the expenses of a property yet not occupying it?
Good Luck,

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Hi @Manda Welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing your long term sit experience and for the insight from both sides of the arrangement.

Taking on a long sit is such a comfort for the pet and home owner, I did an eight month sit in Spain caring for a wonderful senior, rescue dog and it was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

As a sitter, before committing always do your homework on visa, legal stay and country entry ability. Giving a long term sit great consideration from every different aspect is so important as once you are committed, barring really extenuating circumstances, then you need to be prepared to stay the course, as you did.

Thank you again, enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.


Hello Angela,
Thanks for touching base and the the tips.
We have not done any overseas sits yet, however yes Visa’s etc in other Countries need to be addressed.
The Long sit we did, I had a nasty fall on the sit we were on the weekend before and fractured my Skull, nice big black eye and 2 fracture Ribs, we still went, my Husband drove my Car as it’s an Auto and the Kids went with him, it 1.5hr drive so I needed my Car to go out and get groceries etc, thankfully I had already checked with the Owners the fridge/freezer space etc and Hubby went and did a big shop later that afternoon before him heading back home and leaving the Kids and I, it was a nice sit to rest actually the Dogs just snuggled up on my lap, hurt a bit when one who became my shadow, would climb onto my chest, he learned quickly it was hurting me and would lay back on my lap, he also learned if he rested his head on my tablet screen it would not work and I would be forced to just let him rest his head in my palm just where he liked it. lol


Anything is possible @armvdd.
Personally I love long sits and have yet to do any in the 6-12 month range but I have done sits where a mutual agreement was reached. In those cases I assume more the role of caretaker and will do minor home maintenance, garden, pool care and such. It’s an exchange of service.

My longest single sit has been about 3 weeks but I’ve also strung sits together lasting about 6 weeks.
I’d love to consider something longer. Where are you and when are you posting?

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Oh my goodness I’m so glad you healed well. Pets have a way of knowing and making it all feel so much better.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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Based on my current situation, I think a year-long sit would be amazing. Of course, it would depend on where you live, and the rules associated with that country.

But heck! Everything is negotiable, shoot me a message if you get that job opportunity!

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I would definitely consider a long term sit depending on where it is and the responsibilities of upkeep. I would expect to contribute to the utilities and take care of the animals and garden as if they were my own, but I think the mortgage payment would be the owners responsibility.

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Hi Hana

Just adding to what others have said. I think you would get some sitters that would take one place for a year. Lots of folk work remotely now so they can be anywhere. I think there are people who are saving money and keen to get ahead. A long house sit is very good for this. Also I think you could consider a couple of different sitters. Most important thing is where you are. I think that will make a difference. I think people would be more likely to take a city sit for a longer period than a more remote location. Hope this helps. Robyn


Hello everyone. It is very good to be here - brand new to all this but already very impressed with how this site works.
Have had dozens and dozens of applicants, filtered through diligently, to the long term house sit we are offering in Hampshire UK from October as we relocate to NYC for a few years.
Saw a recent post on here about Long Term Sitters which was really useful but now cant find it - where should I be looking?! Is it a closed topic?
My main question is, is it reasonable to ask sitters to pay a portion of bills for what could be a 2 -3 + year rent free sit looking after our house and three low maintenance cats? I think it is reasonable to assume that the sit should save them thousands in rent over time - and be hugely helpful to us of course. If so, how exactly is this best achieved - own council tax and % of utilities??
Thank you so much for any advice.
all best wishes Sarah and David.

Hi. If you use the search function - to the left of your log in photo/circle (I can’t be more specific as it’s dependent on device), and put ‘long term sits’ you’ll see more than one thread that touches on this topic.

I think you may see a wide range of responses to your actual question. I think it’s important to determine what’s reasonable in your eyes, but that it is open for discussion. I have not looked for your listing, but I would hope you would have touched on this point in your listing so that you will have attracted those who are of a similar opinion to you.

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Thank you that is helpful.


Good luck with the job opportunity and if you need a long term sitter, I’m happy to be of service


Thank you - I am pleased to report that we have found a wonderful long term sitter now. Very impressed with the site and everyone on it. Had over 60 great applications in the end. Tried to write back to everyone in person and have even made a few friends and contacts for where we are moving to in the process!


That’s wonderful news @UKLongTermSitOfferers thank you for the update and for getting back to many of those who applied, it’s always so appreciated and often not expected.

Thank you, enjoy NYC and your new home! :us:

My experience. I have watched a dog for 9 months. The HO is International sitter. She paid everything. During summer before COVID-19 shut down , she wanted her dog with her. So house empty during staycation. I have been proposed if I wanted to hibernate in her place. Sure I grabbed the occasion. I propose to pay utilities. So both of. us where comfortable.
Utilities should be our responsibility , just for the reason I don’t have to turn off lights all the time because somebody else pays bills. I love to sit under shower longer than usual etc.
Étiquette. Several people are doing house sit to save money.
It wasn’t like that 5 years ago.