Is it posssible to get booked if your calendar is blocked?

We are a couple and are booked from 30th June - 4th July. I’ve spotted another sit in the same area wanting sitters from 3rd July which would be a great add-on for us with no travel expenses.

We would be happy to split up for the last/first day and explain to the second HO that there would only be one of us for the first day.

My question is can we apply for the second sit because of the overlapping day? If we were accepted would the second HO be able to book us even though our calendar shows us as already booked for their first required day?

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There are a number of couples on THS who ocasionally do solo sits and they overlap, similar to what you are suggesting.


Yup! We’ve done this before. We applied for a sit that was literally round the corner from the one we were currently on, but the day overlapped, was no problem on the site. We told both homeowners and they were fine with it.


@Petermac @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies - Thanks - that’s good to know - I’ll apply now then , fingers crossed!


We overlap all the time.
For example I want to be in Scotland for the school holidays to spend time with the grandchildren so we booked an Edinburgh sit for 14 days. He wants to attend a gliding competition near Basingstoke for part of the time. We booked another sit there that overlaps by 4 days. The travel logistics can be complicated sometimes but bus travel is cheap (UK) and if you use certain sites train travel is affordable. This time I have very cheap flights, there and back, luxury. But only hand luggage.

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