Is this an indoor camera?


I came across this item plugged in perched on top of a radiator pointing at the bedroom I’m staying in. To me, it looks suspiciously like some sort of pet monitoring camera? If it is, I thought indoor surveillance equipment was very much against the rules of THS. Please see picture attached.

Apparently not. Google lens says its a toy.

Thanks. That’s such a relief. It looked suspiciously like some pet surveillance cameras I’d seen online so was quite concerned.

I’m not sure how the pets would play with this though. :thinking: It’s just sitting perched on top of the radiator and not even accessible to them. Very odd.

Me reading more and more about indoor cameras in the forum recently has clearly got me a little neurotic and paranoid lately!

Without checking online, I wouldn’t have known either. It looks like a device that I’ve used in work settings, to do video meetings. Good you asked. The rest of us will know now, too.


I really appreciate you saying that, Maggie. I was starting to feel like a bit of a muppet. It horrified me when I first laid eyes on it as it looked awfully like a surveillance monitoring device. With it being pointed right at the bedroom I’m staying in, it added a whole other layer of paranoia.

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Totally get it. It’s hard to not be paranoid nowadays, in the age of surveillance.

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I’d cover it anyway.

Good advice. Thank you. I did unplug it when I first came across it as it freaked me right out! :flushed:

What exactly does it do as a toy @Chatsetchiens? I’d want to try it out

It’s a laser toy. If you turn on the red switch on its head it will project a red dot around the room for cats to chase (assuming that it has working batteries).

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Thanks for this. I notice from the video the manufacturer is a company named Bentopal. I could not see this written anywhere on the device and just assumed the worst. It’s a great relief to know that it is in fact just a toy.

There are however a good number of pet camera monitoring devices out there which look remarkably similar to the one I saw which is why I was suspicious. This is just one example.

I am definitely very relieved so thanks again.

Ah! I have a much smaller and cheaper version that does the same