Is this typical?

I found nobody with experience to agree to sit (Visit historic Denver. ) I have a nice place. Is this typical?

Eventually I’ve always found a great sitter but sometimes I’ve had to decline the first applicants or wait a few weeks for the right sitter to find us. It’s a good idea to link your profile here so members can suggest where improvements might be made to increase your chances. I imagine Denver is pretty competitive and it does seem like there’s a bit of an HO/sitter imbalance recently these days. I used to have a dozen applications right away and now I’m lucky to have a few the first week, even with really good reviews and a pretty fun, relaxing sit.

How long has your listing been live?

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@luxmangore not knowing anything more , it’s hard to say why you haven’t found a suitable sitter. Denver is popular.

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Actually my first question should be:
did you post your dates or are you trying to invite sitters? Typically it works best to post your dates and wait for applicants. Inviting sitters based on what their location or calendar says is rarely successful.


Denver tends to have a lot of sits available, so your listing needs to be competitive. Add your listing to your profile so you can get constructive feedback on how to attract great sitters. Many experienced sitters participate on the forum.


There are lots of sits in and around Denver. Denver has one of the largest concentrations of sits in the US. So you have lots of competition.

Are you a new host on the site?

Dont discount newby sitters. Everyone starts somewhere.