I've met my match!

Always thought of myself as a super-sitter, but this one has defeated me. 7 cats and one dog. Dog gets walked 3-4 times per day with one long session at the dog park. Cats steal each other’s food so have to feed separately and stay on top of them. Have to stop dog from stealing cats’ food. All are friendly, want attention, and play time, all in addition to working 8 hours/day for my job.

Sending daily videos and pictures to the host.

Doing cat play sessions with both hands to play with two feather simultaneously, but usually 3 of the 7 cats are left out and just spectators. Any tips?

I need a drink and a 24-hour nap!


Hello @AllTheFerretsDied
I’d say you were very brave taking that sit on in the first place! I can’t believe 7 cats & a dog in an apartment. No wonder the dog has to have 4 walks a day! Sounds to me like the cats are bored and would love to go outside.
No tip except avoid sits with lots of animals in apartments in future :flushed:


@AllTheFerretsDied wow, hats off! Easiest is to quit your day job. Kidding of course!

A lady I volunteered with at an animal shelter had a great tip. She would tie a long piece of string with a little teaser ‘something’ (anything really, but maybe a little bell) to her waist that would dangle behind her as she vacuumed (or in your case, when you move around the house at all times) and then the cats would love to chase it.

Another option would be to maybe hide some small dried cat food pellets around the living room for some stimulation. I’m only talking a tiny handful, it will be already more than 10-15 pieces. Maybe put 1-2 inside an empty toilet roll carton (or even a full roll to make it more challenging). And have the cats hunt for it.

Does their pet parent have suggestions?

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And no ferrets either. :rofl:
I know I’m a comedian

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You’ve got two feet - use them! :smiley:

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@AllTheFerretsDied How is it going? Have you finished the housesit? Are you still of sound mind?

Yikes! That sounds exhausting yet fun and maybe a bit entertaining. I’ve had to feed animals separately for similar reasons. That’s a lot of energy exerted. Good luck with all of that :yum::grinning::paw_prints::ghost::+1::yellow_heart: