Just a Simple Answer Requested

Bandwagons aside and in an effort not to have this post moved, could someone please advise whether this is a glitch or it’s what happens after a listing is filled quickly?
I get an email notification about a saved search but there’s no detail included:

And when I click the link, the result is empty:

So is something not working or is this what happens if the sit is actually filled (not just reviewing applications) in the time it took to action the email?

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Hi @Saltrams
This is definitely a glitch that is not showing the listing correctly. The tech team is aware of and will be looking into it soonest in the new year.
We do apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.
I would like to suggest that in the meantime, if you see another saved search come through like that, immediately go onto the website and search there to bring up the listing.