Saved search communication

I was looking for a housesit in a specific country and saved that an information to saved search. A few days ago I received an email saying a sit was being requested in that country. When I tried to click from the email message and go to the sit, there was a server error and I couldn’t get there. Not being easily discouraged, I went to the THS site and tried to find the sit that way (entering specific country). Nothing showed up. ARRGH!
When the email to our site works so well, why is there this other way to notify of a saved sit possibly available? I know there are some geographic areas high on sitters want lists, but notifying sitters of such should be a fair process. Why not just use our THS email?

I get notifications of saved sits through the app, but recently I’ll have one pop up (Paris, France, for example!) And I’ll try to click on it and nothing happens. I’ve had this happen a few times recently.
For the Paris one I went ahead and searched Paris (No sits available, sorry!) But then scrolled down to sits not accepting applications. Two of my saved sits for Paris were reviewing. It’s so frustrating. Like, maybe they were already reviewing when I got the notification (which is a big problem in itself) but they definitely would’ve been reviewing by the time I manually found them myself.
When is this going to end??

@CoolCatAunt the “instant” notification of your saved listings and searches is not actually instant - it’s done hourly .

So in the circumstances that you mention the listing has been live for up to 59 mins by the time you have been notified and 5 other people have noticed the listing and applied in that time. So by the time you have opened it , the listing has already reached the max 5 limit and the system has automatically paused the listing.

I am not clear if everyone gets their notifications at the same time

I know that it isn’t instant, but my issue is, I can’t even see which sit it is because the notification itself is freezing and won’t take me to the site to view it. By the time I do it manually several minutes have passed. Maybe it still would’ve been reviewing, or maybe I would’ve snuck in under the wire. At least I would saved myself some time.